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  • Human Development (2nd Edition)
    Wendy Drewery, Lise Claiborne (Previously Bird)
    ISBN: 9781743070765
    Our Code: 512641
    Course: HSRV202, SOWK202, EDUC102, SS301601, TEHD100, HMDEV100, EDUC102
    Uni Site: Canterbury, Otago, Waikato, AUT
    NZ$ 110.00
    NZ$ 85.99
    2 in stock
  • Ki Te Whaiao: An Introduction to Maori Culture Society
    Tania Ka'ai, John C Moorfield, Michael Reilly, Sharon Mosely
    ISBN: 9780582545724
    Our Code: 428446
    Course: BSWC601, BSWC701, BSWI601, BSWI701, BSWR501, BSWT501 BSWS701, BSWS601, BSWS501, BSWT601, BSWT701, CH3947, 179782, 179782, MAOR102
    Uni Site: Ara Institute of Canterbury, Massey University, Otago University
    NZ$ 113.99
    NZ$ 102.99
    1 in stock
  • New Zealand Government and Politics (6th Edition)
    Geoffrey W R Palmer
    ISBN: 9780195585254
    Our Code: 761170
    Course: POLS103, 279203, POLS102
    Uni Site: Canterbury, Massey. Otago
    NZ$ 109.00
    NZ$ 89.99
    1 in stock
  • Nga Hurihanga Ako Kohungahunga: Transformative Teaching Practices in Early Childhood Education
    Michael C McKenna, Katherine A Dougherty Stahl
    ISBN: 9781486005727
    Our Code: 494328
    Course: EDCR202, EDPR201, EDPR202, EDPR301, TCHG111, TCHG301
    Uni Site: Otago, Victoria
    NZ$ 70.00
    NZ$ 66.99
    1 in stock
  • Professional Practice of Teaching in New Zealand, The (6th Edition)
    Deborah Fraser, Mary Hill
    ISBN: 9780170416771
    Our Code: 907256
    Course: EDMT601, EDMT602, EDMT603, EDMT604, EDMT605, EDMT605, EDMT611, EDMT612, EDMT622, TEPI370, TEPI371, TEPI331, TEPI332, TEPI101, TEPI222, TEPP102, 260490, 278422, 263860, TEDE531, TEPS761, TEPS762, TCHG301, EDPR131, EDUC471
    Uni Site: Canterbury, Massey, Otago, Waikato, Victoria
    NZ$ 125.00
    NZ$ 99.99
    Currently out of stock
    to order 5-19 days
  • Social Work: From Theory to Practice (3rd Edition)
    Marie Connolly, Louise Harms
    ISBN: 9781108460842
    Our Code: 910103
    Course: SOWK301, SOWK614, SSYEAR3
    Uni Site: Canterbury, Otago
    NZ$ 89.00
    NZ$ 74.99
    2 in stock

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