Accounting: What the Numbers Mean (12th Edition)

Accounting: What the Numbers Mean (12th Edition)
David Marshall, Wayne William McManus, Daniel Viele
NZ$ 170.00
NZ$ 134.99
University of Canterbury
Published 11/01/2019
Edition Info 12th Edition - 9781260565492
Published In United States
Publisher McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
Blurb Designed for non-majors, Accounting: What the Numbers Mean, guides students through the basics: what accounting information is, how it is developed, how it is used, and what it means. Financial statements are examined to learn what they do and do not communicate, enhancing the student's decision-making and problem-solving abilities from a user perspective. This approach benefits a variety of non-accounting majors, including students focusing on other areas of business or nonbusiness programs such as engineering, behavioral sciences, public administration, or prelaw.

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