Arguing About Political Philosophy (2nd Edition)

Arguing About Political Philosophy (2nd Edition)
Matt Zwolinski
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University of Canterbury

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Published 9/06/2014
Edition Info 2nd Edition - 9780415535823
Published In United Kingdom
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Pages 722
Blurb This second edition of Arguing About Political Philosophy is the most complete, up-to-date, and interdisciplinary anthology of its kind. Its selections cover both classic philosophical sources such as Hobbes and Rousseau, and contemporary figures such as Robert Nozick and G.A. Cohen. But additional excerpts from economists, psychologists, novelists, and legal theorists help students from diverse intellectual backgrounds to connect with and appreciate the problems and distinctive methodology of political philosophy.This second edition also goes beyond any other anthology on the market in its coverage of traditionally under-represented views such as libertarianism, neo-socialism, feminism, and critical race theory. And it is one of the only anthologies to go beyond A Theory of Justice in its coverage of the political thought of John Rawls.The volume is divided into 3 parts - Foundational Concepts; Government, the Economy and Morality; and Applied Political Philosophy - covering core arguments and emerging debates in topics like:social contract theorypolitical economyproperty rightsfreedomequalityimmigrationglobal distributive justiceThe new companion website offers valuable resources for instructors and students alike, including sample quizzes, exams, and writing assignments, extensive study questions for each reading, and an online version of the "What's Your Political Philosophy" self-assessment.

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