Business Driven Information Systems (7th Edition)

Business Driven Information Systems (7th Edition)
Paige Baltzan, Amy Phillips
NZ$ 175.00
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University of Canterbury
Published 21/04/2020
Edition Info 7th Edition - 9781260570854
Published In Australia
Publisher McGraw-Hill Education
Blurb The seventh edition of Business Driven Information Systems discusses various business initiatives first and how technology supports those initiatives second. The premise for this unique approach is that business initiatives should drive technology choices. Every discussion first addresses the business needs and then addresses the technology that supports those needs. Business Driven Information Systems is designed to give students the ability to understand how information technology can be a point of strength for an organization.   The new edition of Business Driven Information Systems is state of the art in its discussions, presents concepts in an easy-to-understand format, and allows students to be active participants in learning. The dynamic nature of information technology requires all students-more specifically, business students-to be aware of both current and emerging technologies. Students are facing complex subjects and need a clear, concise explanation to be able to understand and use the concepts throughout their careers. By engaging students with numerous case studies, exercises, projects, and questions that enforce concepts, Business Driven Information Systems creates a unique learning experience for both faculty and students.