Cognitive Psychology: A Student's Handbook

Cognitive Psychology: A Student's Handbook
Michael W Eysenck, Mark T Keane
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Published 23/03/2020
Edition Info 8th Edition - 9781138482234
Published In United Kingdom
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Pages 948
Size (mm) 246h x w189
Blurb The fully updated eighth edition of Cognitive Psychology: A Student' s Handbook provides comprehensive yet accessible coverage of all the key areas in the field ranging from visual perception and attention through to memory and language. Each chapter is complete with key definitions, practical real-life applications, chapter summaries and suggested further reading to help students develop an understanding of this fascinating but complex field. The new edition includes: an increased emphasis on neuroscienceupdated references to reflect the latest researchapplied ' in the real world' case studies and examples. Widely regarded as the leading undergraduate textbook in the field of cognitive psychology, this new edition comes complete with an enhanced accompanying companion website. The website includes a suite of learning resources including simulation experiments, multiple-choice questions, and access to Primal Pictures' interactive 3D atlas of the brain. The companion website can be accessed at: www. routledge. com/cw/eysenck.