Commercial Law and the Legal System (1st Edition)

Commercial Law and the Legal System (1st Edition)
Ronan Feehily, Raymond Tiong
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University of Canterbury
Published 20/02/2020
Edition Info 1st Edition - 9781988591551
Published In New Zealand
Publisher Thomson Reuters

Commercial Law and the Legal System offers a straightforward guide to how commercial and business law operate within the New Zealand legal system.

Written in a readable, understandable and accessible form, the early chapters set the legal background for commercial activity, starting with an introduction to commercial law followed by a chapter covering legal obligation, liability and dispute resolution. The following chapters look at the New Zealand legal system and its sources, including the Treaty of Waitangi and New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990, and the skills of reading and applying statutes and case law in legal method. The later chapters provide analysis of subject based areas of commercial law, including contract, tort, property, consumer protection and employment law. The final chapter offers practical guidance and information on business structures, including sole traders, partnerships, limited partnerships and companies. An appendix is included to provide students with some guidelines on how to study law and answer law questions.

Each chapter includes a list of learning objectives, a chapter summary, study questions and further reading recommendations. The book is thoroughly cross-referenced for ease of use and to reinforce the overlapping areas of commercial law, and has a glossary of terms and a comprehensive subject index.

Commercial Law and the Legal System is designed to enable the reader to gain a broad understanding of commercial law in a commercial and business context, and the legal system within which it operates. It is a valuable resource for all students of commercial law at undergraduate level, and it is essential reading for accounting, business and commerce students in particular. It is also a practical, uncomplicated guide for businesses and legal practitioners who need to find an answer quickly and simply.

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