Communication across the Lifespan

Communication across the Lifespan
Susan Shaw, Ailsa Haxell, Terry Weblemoe
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AUT, Auckland University of Technology
Published 6/02/2012
Edition Info 9780195585148
Published In Australia
Publisher Oxford University Press Australia
Pages 396
Blurb Communication Across the Lifespan combines communication and lifespan development, in order to equip students entering health, disability and related fields with the skills they need to engage effectively with people of all ages and life experiences. The book gives a sound introduction to the essential concepts of therapeutic communication across the lifespan within the New Zealand environment, and is informed by current issues and debate, designed to encourage critical thinking and reflection. Health and wellness issues are covered from the perspective of patients and professionals which enable students to hear what patients say and to explore their own lived experience of health and illness.KEY FEATURESChapter overviews outline the topic that will be covered within each chapterKey terms that students will needCase studies illustrate theory working in practical situationsSummaries reiterate the main points of each chapter to help cement student learningReflection points refer back to key terms with questions for self-reflectionReview questions encourage students to drill down into more details about broad health and communication issues.

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