Critical Issues in Clinical and Health Psychlogy

Critical Issues in Clinical and Health Psychlogy
Poul Rohleder
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Published 30/04/2012
Edition Info 9781849207621
Published In United Kingdom
Publisher SAGE Publications
Pages 232
Blurb This textbook gives a clear and thought-provoking introduction to the critical issues related to health, illness and disability in clinical and health psychology. Challenging some of the preconceptions of ill-health of the biomedical approach, the book explores how health and illness is often shaped by factors such as culture, poverty, gender and sexuality, and examines how these influences impact on the experience and treatment of physical and mental illness as well as disability. Students are introduced to literature from disciplines other than psychology to provide multiple perspectives on these complex issues. "Critical Issues in Clinical and Health Psychology" is a key textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students taking courses in health or clinical psychology, as well as for students from other disciplines related to health and mental health care.