Evidence-Based Health Practice

Evidence-Based Health Practice
Susan Shaw, Ailsa Haxell, Terry Weblemoe
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AUT, Auckland University of Technology
Published 12/06/2014
Edition Info 9780195585230
Published In Australia
Imprint OUP Australia and New Zealand
Publisher Oxford University Press Australia
Pages 526
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Blurb Research is one of the subjects that students in the health professions often find challenging and yet the process of finding, critiquing, using and evaluating information is essential to professional development and practice. This book introduces fundamental research concepts that are relevant to the wider health-care and disability support sector while also making strong connections to the various areas of practice that students identify with.Examples and cases are taken from a wide range of professions and countries to help students understand the significance of research used by colleagues from other disciplines and become interprofessional practitioners. Key featuresReflects current thinking in the field and shows how an evidence-based approach can be used to create best practice methods and achieve desired outcomesFollows the stages of the research process in a simple and logical manner. For example, the last section flows from professions which are more clinical in the sense of acute care such as nursing to more community-based, longer-term care such as midwifery.Case Studies - situations, information or examples of interactions that illustrate links between research and practice.These provide a focus for class, tutorial or group discussion and debate.Research Alive - These sections in each chapter showcase key research concepts or illustrate major research studies relevant to the chapter.Clinical reflection - show the actual relationship between research and practice in clinical settingsReflection points - designed to assist with appreciating the communication process.Study questions - Key points from content of each chapter can be explored in more detail by responding to the study questions at the end of each chapter.

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