Financial Accounting (9th Edition)

Financial Accounting (9th Edition)
Craig Deegan
NZ$ 179.99
NZ$ 139.99
AMFA700, ACCT211, ACCT312, MPAC602, MPAC604, 110.309, MMPA501, MMPA506
Ara Institute, Canterbury, Massey, Victoria
Published 2/12/2019
Edition Info 9th Edition - 9781743767382
9th Edition - 9781743767672 - Out of Print, replaced by 9781743767382
Published In Australia
Publisher McGraw-Hill Education / Australia
Blurb The most highly regarded resource in financial accounting has been revised and updated to prepare today's students for future career success. The ninth edition of Craig Deegan's Financial Accounting features:
- the most recent changes to the IASB Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting and the Australian Accounting Standards
- a fully revised contents, a refreshed design and pedagogy
- in-depth analysis, comprehensive coverage and detailed Worked Examples
- new Real-world Case Scenarios, examples, boxes and videos linking theory to real-world applications
- new Opening Questions at the start of each chapter with suggested solutions, and revised end-of-chapter Review Questions and Challenging Questions

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