New Zealand Government and Politics (7th Edition)

New Zealand Government and Politics (7th Edition)
Janine Hayward
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POLS103, 279203, POLS102
Canterbury, Massey. Otago

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Published 02/07/2021
Edition Info 7th Edition - 9780190325497
6th Edition - 9780195585254 - Out of Print
Published In Australia
Publisher Oxford University Press Australia
Pages 500
Size (mm) h245 x w190 

A principle guide to government and politics in Aotearoa New ZealandGovernment and Politics in Aotearoa New Zealand equips students with the history, theory and knowledge needed to understand and enjoy the study of Aotearoa New Zealand politics. It helps students to identify key governmental institutions of the state, to understand how government works and to recognise political and civil rights and responsibilities in order to engage with them. The extensive author team share their expertise, explanations and arguments from a variety of perspectives, offering students various ways of looking at Aotearoa New Zealand' s government and politics. NEW TO THIS 7th EDITION New seven-part structure allows for easy navigation and gradually builds a cohesive picture of politics and government in Aotearoa New Zealand. Incorporates recent changes to Aotearoa New Zealand politics such as the COVID-19 response and the 2020 general election. Updated discussion questions encourage students to engage with key concepts. A new glossary highlights key terms and concepts throughout the book to give students a more in-depth understanding of the topic.