Integrated Marketing Communications with Online Study Tools (5th Edition)

Integrated Marketing Communications with Online Study Tools (5th Edition)
William Chitty, Edwina Luck, Nigel Barker, Anne-Marie Sassenberg, Terence A Shimp, J Craig Andrews
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MKTG307, GBUS533, MARK301, MKTG306
Canterbury ,Southern Institute of Technology, Victoria, Auckland
Published 16/11/2017
Edition Info 5th Edition - 9780170386517
Published In Australia
Publisher Cengage Learning Australia
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Blurb Organisations continually use integrated marketing communications to achieve a competitive advantage and meet their marketing objectives. This 5th edition of Integrated Marketing Communications emphasises digital and interactive marketing, the most dynamic and crucial components to a successful IMC campaign today.    Incorporating the most up-to-date theories and practice, this text clearly explains and demonstrates how to best select and co-ordinate all of a brand's marketing communications elements to effectively engage the target market.   Chapters adopt an integrative approach to examine marketing communications from both a consumer's and marketer's perspective. With a new chapter on digital and social marketing addressing the development of interactive media in IMC and new IMC profiles featuring Australian marketer's, along with a wide range of local and global examples including: Spotify, Pandora, Snapchat, Palace Cinemas, Woolworths, KFC, Old Spice, Telstra, Colgate and QANTAS, this text has never been so relevant for students studying IMC today.     Each new copy of the text also offers 12 month access to a wealth of student online revision and learning tools: CourseMate Express + Search me! Marketing. Unique to the text is a series of new student and instructor IMC videos showing students how key objectives in IMC theory are applied by real businesses.

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