Introduction to Criminological Thought (3rd Edition)

Introduction to Criminological Thought (3rd Edition)
Trevor Bradleyr, Reece Walters
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CRIM111, Socio102
Victoria University, Waikato University
Published 47/07/2019
Edition Info 3rd Edition - 9780947496647
2nd Edition - 9781442527416 now Out of Print
Published In New Zealand
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Pages 340
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Blurb The third edition of Introduction to Criminological Thought is a comprehensive update and revision of the second edition. It reports on new and important developments in criminology in both policy and practice. It is specifically focused on, and draws from, the New Zealand context and experience.

The text critically examines a range of issues of concern to criminology including the nature and extent of crime in New Zealand; the disproportionate representation of Māori and other ethnic minorities in the criminal justice system; recent increases in corporate fraud and other ‘harms’; and those contemporary policies and strategies to reduce the extent and severity of crime and criminal behaviour.

This text is principally designed for those who are studying crime, criminology and criminal justice, but will also be of particular interest to those with a relevant professional or occupational association and those more generally interested in crime and the way society responds to it.

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