Marketing Principles with Student Resource Access 12 Months (3rd Edition)

Marketing Principles with Student Resource Access 12 Months (3rd Edition)
William M Pride, O C Ferrell, Brian Lukas, Sharon Schembri, Outi Niininen, Riza Casidy
NZ$ 170.95
NZ$ 129.95
University of Canterbury
Published 8/09/2017
Edition Info 3rd Edition - 9780170386180
Published In Australia
Publisher Cengage Learning Australia
Blurb Introduce the essentials and latest trends in today's marketing with strong visuals and exciting, timely discussions found in the proven marketing text for students of all backgrounds ' Marketing Principles, 3e. This Asia-Pacific text contextualises marketing theory and practice with extensive real-world examples from Australia, New Zealand and individual countries across the region. This edition's extensive coverage of current marketing strategies and concepts addresses social media, sustainability, globalisation, customer relationship management, supply chain management, and digital marketing. Emerging topics, such as social and environmental responsibility, entrepreneurship, and new trends in marketing, resonate especially well with today's students who are striving for success in today's fast-paced, evolving business world. Captivating photos, screenshots, advertisements, and examples from actual life make concepts meaningful for students. A wealth of learning supplements, such as self-testing, videos, and an interactive marketing plan, further help your students develop critical decision-making and marketing skills.