New Zealand Pasture and Crop Science

New Zealand Pasture and Crop Science
James White, John Hodgson
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283101, 283305, PLSC204
Massey University, Lincoln University

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Published 31/01/2000
Edition Info 9780195583755
Published In Australia
Imprint OUP Australia and New Zealand
Publisher Oxford University Press Australia
Pages 344
Size (mm) h245 x w170 x d
Blurb New Zealand Pasture and Crop Science is the first textbook to bring together in one volume the scientific information on pasture and crop production in New Zealand, the efficient conversion of plants to animal products, the use of trees on farms, and how sustainable pastoral and cropping systems can be maintained. It provides a much needed description of our understanding of modern plant production in New Zealand. The text provides a general account of the effects of the environment on individual plant functions and crop and pasture production with a particular emphasis on the temperate climate.