Questioning Gender: A Sociological Exploration (4th Edition)

Questioning Gender: A Sociological Exploration (4th Edition)
Robyn R Ryle
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Published 24/08/2020
Edition Info 4th Edition - 9781544371351
3rd Edition - 9781506325477 - Out of Print
2nd Edition - 9781452275864  - Out of Print
Published In United States
Publisher SAGE Publications Inc
Pages 552
Size (mm) h231 x w180
Blurb Questioning Gender: A Sociological Exploration serves as a point-of-departure for productive conversations and questions about gender and as a resource for exploring answers to many of those questions. Rather than providing definitive answers, this book takes a global approach and aims to challenge readers' preconceptions about gender and to demonstrate how gender as a system creates and reinforces inequality. Author Robyn Ryle uses both historical and cross-cultural approaches to help readers understand the socially constructed nature of gender. With a focus on contemporary topics, including the #MeToo movement, sexual harassment in the workplace, and the gender wage gap, readers will be prompted to think critically about past, present, and future gender-related issues.

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