Sensation and Perception (10th Edition)

Sensation and Perception (10th Edition)
David Barlow, Stefan Hofmann, Ronald Sider
NZ$ 179.95
NZ$ 144.99
University of Canterbury
Published 2/02/2016
Edition Info 10th Edition - 9781305580299
Published In United States
Publisher Cengage Learning Inc
Pages 496
Size (mm) h284 x w234 x d22
Blurb This book tells the amazing story of perception -- how experiences are created by your senses and how you use these experiences to interact with the environment. You might be surprised to know that although perception is easy -- we see, hear, feel touch, and experience taste and smell without much effort -- the mechanisms that create perceptions are both extremely complex and hidden from our view. SENSATION AND PERCEPTION unravels these complexities by taking you on a journey that describes perceptual research in a clear easy-to-understand way, and by linking the results of this research to your everyday experience. The text is supported by beautiful color illustrations, a media program that makes perception come alive (in the MindTap digital learning solution), and learning aids to help you understand and remember what you have read.

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