Social Entrepreneurship: An Evidence-Based Approach to Creating Social Value

Social Entrepreneurship: An Evidence-Based Approach to Creating Social Value
Chao Guo, Wolfgang Bielefeld

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University of Canterbury
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Published 15/04/2014
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ISBN13 9781118356487
Published In United States
Imprint John Wiley & Sons
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 352
Size (mm) h250 x w150 x d
Blurb Strong research and evidence are key to the success of social entrepreneurship. The book provides a critical analysis of research on this complicated and rapidly evolving field. It then translates that research into a practical resource for social entrepreneurs to create social value within and across sectors. Taking an  opportunity -centric view, the book offers an approach to understanding how to identify a social entrepreneurial opportunity, turn that opportunity into a viable program or organization, and measure the social impact created. It also presents a framework for managing the social  intrapraneurial  process in which innovative opportunities emerge and develop into new programs, services, and ventures in an existing organization. Additional topics include social entrepreneurship in the public sector, boundary-spanning social entrepreneurship, the role of new media, and much more.
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