Social Policy Practice and Process in Aotearoa New Zealand

Social Policy Practice and Process in Aotearoa New Zealand
Graham Hassall, Girol Karacaoglu
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Published 11/02/2021
Edition Info 9780995137837
Published In New Zealand
Publisher Massey University Press
Pages 472
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Blurb The focus of this book is the practice of social policy in Aotearoa New Zealand. It isintended to complement and update the fourth and final edition of Cheyne et al. ' sSocial Policy in New Zealand (2008), which pre-dated the three-term tenure of theconservative Key/English governments and their concomitant approaches to socialpolicy. In the first two decades of the 21st century, both conservative and socialdemocraticgovernments have had opportunity to conceive and deliverprogrammes aligned with their fundamental values and concepts. These includethe Fifth Labour Government (1999-2008) headed by Helen Clark, the FifthNational Government (2008-17) under John Key and Bill English, and the SixthLabour Government (2017-) led by Jacinda Ardern. Appraisals of the policy impacts achieved by alternating approaches to governmentare offered through each of the chapters on specific policy areas. Each chapter alsointroduces the reader to the background and context to its central topic, as well askey concepts, ideas and influences, and the main alternate views that have beenput forward. In addition to assessing recent experiences, each chapter considers

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