Social Work: From Theory to Practice (3rd Edition)

Social Work: From Theory to Practice (3rd Edition)
Marie Connolly, Louise Harms
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Canterbury, Otago
Published 31/05/2019
Edition Info 3rd Edition - 9781108460842
2nd Edition - 9781107458635 - Out of Print
Published In United Kingdom
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Pages 228
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Blurb Social workers draw on a variety of theoretical perspectives to inform their practice and understand the diverse settings in which they work. Social Work: From Theory to Practice explores practice theories through the discipline's unique interpretive lens and demonstrates how these can be understood and enacted by practitioners in human services settings. This third edition includes new material on trauma-informed practice and Indigenous practice, as well as enhanced content relating to child protection and family violence, and narrative approaches. New practitioner reflections and case studies illustrate how theory influences practice and facilitates change. Thought-provoking case study discussion questions prompt students to reflect on key concepts and develop strategies for practice. Highly readable and engaging, Social Work: From Theory to Practice builds a strong foundation for theoretically informed practice. This text enables practitioners to develop the skills required to confidently and critically evaluate their work as they respond in complex practice contexts.

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