Understanding Company Law (4th Edition)

Understanding Company Law (4th Edition)
Jonathan Barrett
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University of Canterbury
Published 1/01/2019
Edition Info 4th Edition - 9780947514921
Published In New Zealand
Publisher LexisNexis New Zealand
Blurb Providing an excellent balance between theory, case law and practice, Understanding Company Law covers the essential concepts of company law, business organisations, financial markets, takeovers and corporate governance in a clear and straightforward manner. This new edition has been fully updated to take account of developments since the last edition was published in 2014, providing students with sufficient knowledge to develop a critical analysis and understanding of the topics. The law is presented in the context of critique, along with its uncertainties, ambiguities and problems, rather than as a mechanical description of the rules, making it easier to understand. The use of plain language ensures that the work is invaluable to students coming to the topic for the first time or who have English as a second language. Key additions to this edition include: * updates to the relevant legislation * the inclusion of additional key case summaries * summaries of recent Supreme Court decisions relevant to company law * a new chapter on corporate governance in New Zealand * a series of questions at the end of each chapter to test the reader on chapter content * greater clarity of content The LexisNexis Understanding series is renowned for its practical features and reference materials ideal for revision and exam preparation, such as: * a glossary of key words * lists of learning outcomes, key legislation and key cases * key case summaries, with facts, issue and decision clearly stated * examples, figures and tables used to illustrate concepts * margin notes * revision questions Features * Plain English text to ease understanding of company law for non-law students. * Practical examples and exercises to reinforce learning. * Brand new chapter that expands the coverage of company law in the book. Related LexisNexis Titles Miller & Barber, Understanding Commercial Law, 9th edition, 2019 Watts, Campbell & Hare, Company Law in New Zealand, 2nd edition, 2015 Barber, Understanding the Economic Environment, 4th edition, 2014