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Availability and Stock Codes

'IN STOCK - Available for Pickup or Shipping' means we currently have this title in stock, it is available to pick up or ready for delivery, please note however stock can move fast so we may have instances where items are shown as in stock which have since become out of stock.

'To order' - it's not in stock, but we can source this title, the number of business days is the approximate timeframe for the title to arrive to us.

'Print on Demand' - means the book doesn't exist, but the publisher is going to print one for you. Can take a bit longer so don't wait to order!

'Temporarily unavailable or Out of stock' - sorry we can't supply this title at this time, however check back in the future as availability changes,

'Out of Print' - means you need to find a second hand copy as the publisher ain't printing any more! However always worth checking to see if the title has a new edition out too as books get updated, revised and/or a new format issued.

For titles not in stock we order in, where a title is expected that is outside our normal expected timetrames we will advise you.

Please note that availability, edition and the delivery ETA may be subject to change.


Pricing may be subject to change, where a price changes we will either absorb the cost change or notify you first to confirm if you want to proceed with the order.

All our website pricing is in New Zealand dollars and is inclusive of New Zealand GST.

We reserve the right to correct any pricing errors and we may cancel orders and refund your money because of genuine pricing errors (either because of unilateral mistake, or for any reason) up to the time you receive the goods.