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    Basic Business Statistics (5th Edition)
    Martin O'Brien, Mark Berenson, David Levine, Kathryn Szabat, Judith Watson, Nicola Jayne
    ISBN: 9781488617249
    Format: Paperback
    Size: Not defined - 688pg
    Published: 12 Oct 2018 AU
    Uni Site: Massey University
    NZ$ 149.99
    NZ$ 137.99
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    Business Analytics and Statistics (1st Edition)
    Paul Burke, Ken Black, John Asafu-Adjaye, Nelson Perera, Carl Sherwood, Saleh Wasimi
    ISBN: 9780730363330
    Format: Paperback
    Size: h278 x 217mm - 680pg
    Published: 14 Sep 2018 AU
    Uni Site: Massey University
    NZ$ 143.99
    NZ$ 129.99
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    Research Design (5th Edition)
    John W Creswell, J David Creswell
    ISBN: 9781506386768
    Format: Paperback
    Size: h254 x 177mm
    Published: 22 Dec 2017 US
    Uni Site: University of Otago, University of Auckland
    NZ$ 144.95
    NZ$ 114.99
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    Statistical Methods for Business and Economics
    Gert Nieuwenhuis
    ISBN: 9780077109875
    Format: Trade Paperback
    Size: h262 x 196mm - 952pg
    Published: 1 Feb 2009 US
    Uni Site: Lincoln University
    NZ$ 155.00
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