Abnormal Psychology (1st Edition)

Abnormal Psychology (1st Edition)
Ann M Kring, Sheri L Johnson, Michael Kyrios, Daniel Fassnacht, Amanda Lambros, Maree Teesson
NZ$ 137.99
NZ$ 122.99
Published 15/09/2017
Edition Info 1st Edition - 9780730363408
Published In Australia
Publisher John Wiley & Sons Australia
Pages 736
Size (mm) h280 x w226 x d22 at 1475 grams
Blurb Abnormal Psychology, 1st Edition has been adapted to the Australia/New Zealand region from the popular American edition, which has been a trusted resource for instructors and students for many years. There is comprehensive coverage of current research and theory and treatment, while also supporting a multiple paradigm approach and covering the cutting-edge research and theory that is central to the discipline. Local research is spread throughout each chapter with scores of carefully curated articles and news items giving relevancy to students to help to engage them during tutorials or in a flipped or blended learning approach.
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