Constitutional and Administrative Law in New Zealand (4th Edition)

Constitutional and Administrative Law in New Zealand (4th Edition)
Philip A Joseph
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NZ$ 199.95
LAWS206, LAWS213
University of Canterbury, Victoria University
Published 31/03/2014
Edition Info 4th Edition - 9780864728432
Published In New Zealand
Imprint Thomson Reuters
Publisher Thomson Reuters
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Blurb Constitutional and Administrative Law in New Zealand is the authoritative text on public law in New Zealand. The new edition consolidates the high scholarly standards of the earlier editions in analysing New Zealand's public law arrangements.  Now in its fourth edition, this treatise represents a thorough and comprehensive revision of all areas of public law.  It explores the doctrinal foundations of public law and critiques modern legislative and judicial developments, integrating the most recent decisions of the courts as part of the in-depth analysis of public law principles. The new edition is critical of several case law developments and offers alternative perspectives for promoting New Zealand's public law processes.

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