Corporate Law in New Zealand

Corporate Law in New Zealand
Susan Watson
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14 Dec 2018 NZ
University of Canterbury
LAWS305, LEGAL305-20D
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Corporate Law in New Zealand is a modern, fresh analysis of corporate law in New Zealand that places New Zealand corporations in their historical, current and international context. Key chapters include the impact of the theory of the company on New Zealand corporate law, the nature of corporate enterprise in New Zealand, Maori/iwi companies, directors' duties, shareholders' rights, corporate financing, corporate insolvency, relevant financial markets law, and takeovers, amalgamations and arrangements. This new text provides a comprehensive and critical discussion of legal principles and rules governing New Zealand companies. The book is unique in its approach to the analysis of the corporate form in New Zealand as it also contains discussion of the corporation in its various contexts, looking at the ways in which companies are currently utilised as well as considering the corporate form from a sociological and economic perspective. Corporate Law in New Zealand is written by an experienced author team, led by Professors Susan Watson and Lynne Taylor. It is a research tool for company directors, practitioners, the judiciary, academia and corporates themselves. Justice Helen Winkelmann in the foreword says: 'Given the role of the limited liability company in our economy and society, scholarly study is both well justified and important. The authors of Corporate Law in New Zealand have achieved a unique and valuable synthesis of the historical, theoretical and practical for which they are to be congratulated. There are many academic works that provide a historical, economic or sociological account of the company but these authors have taken the next step by using these historical and theoretical accounts to provide a framework for the law and practice of company law today' This text is a considerable accomplishment. It is thought provoking in the new perspectives it brings. The authors describe and explain the law in a way which makes sense of it, improving its accessibility for law students, academics, policy makers and judges. But I think that Corporate Law in New Zealand will also be of great assistance to the practising lawyer, and that is because of the clarity of explanation and analysis contained in it. This text invites us all to broaden the knowledge we bring to bear when we come to apply or develop existing law. In that I think it is a harbinger of what will be required of lawyers, judges and policy makers working in this area in the future.' The experienced author team is led by general editors Susan Watson and Lynne Taylor.

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