Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century - And After (2nd Edition)

Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century - And After (2nd Edition)
R J Crampton

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Published 28/08/1997
Edition Info 2nd Edition
ISBN13 9780415164238
Published In United Kingdom
Imprint Routledge
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Pages 552
Size (mm) h235 x w159 x d
Blurb Eastern Europe has played a key and dramatic part throughout world history in the twentieth century. Both world wars began there; the cold war was at its coldest there. In 1989 the collapse of communism and Soviet power transformed the world order. What happens in Eastern Europe is clearly of critical importance globally and an understanding of the internal dynamics of the area is therefore an essential prerequisite to understanding the modern world. This book illustrates the internal evolution of the east European states  from the first world war to the revolutions of 1989-91. It covers not merely the larger states but also the Balkan and the Baltic states. It also includes a brief century in Eastern Europe: communism, fascism and antisemitism. The extraordinary events of 1989-91 provide an ideal opportunity for producing a summary of Eastern Europe's evolution from its escape from the conservative monarchies of the pre-first world war era to its escape from the 'revolutionary' Soviet empire.  Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century will be an obvious introduction to an important area which is as diverse and diffuse as it is interesting and important.It provides students of modern history and politics with an accessible summary of the area and of its constituent states.
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