Exploring Society: Sociology for New Zealand Students (4th Edition)

Exploring Society: Sociology for New Zealand Students (4th Edition)
Ruth McManus, Steve Matthewman, Chris Brickell, Gregor Mclennan, Paul Spoonley
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EDUC550, SOCI111, SOSC111, SOCI116, 176101
AUT South, University of Canterbury, Victoria University, Lincoln University, Massey University
Published 01/02/2015
Edition Info 4th Edition - 9781869409364
Published In United Kingdom
Publisher Auckland University Press
Pages 492
Size (mm) h248 x w190
Blurb This is a 4th edition of New Zealand’s leading sociology textbook. The book introduces sociological concepts and methods before investigating key areas of sociology (class, race, gender, family life, health, death, work, the city,populations, technology, religion, leisure and crime) through the New Zealand experience. The book includes many useful pedagogical features: key word definitions and push text in the margins key themes highlighted study questions further reading engaging full colour photography case studies written by working sociologists. This 4th edition has been revised and rewritten throughout by a renewed author team. Key changes include: data, examples and case studies completely updated chapters re-ordered and a new chapter on death added to reflect requests from departments using the book as a teaching text more emphasis on tikanga and kaupapa Māori refreshed photograph selection with a local focus. Exploring Society is an engaging, comprehensive and up-to-date introduction for New Zealand sociology students.

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