Human Development: Family, Place, Culture (2nd Edition)

Human Development: Family, Place, Culture (2nd Edition)
Wendy Drewery, Lise Claiborne (Previously Bird)
NZ$ 110.00
NZ$ 91.95
HSRV202, SOWK202, EDUC102, SS301601, TEHD100, HMDEV100, EDUC102
Canterbury, Otago, Waikato, AUT, WelTec
Published 27/08/2013
Edition Info 2nd Edition - 9781743070765
Published In Australia
Publisher McGraw-Hill Education
Pages 464

This text builds on the success of the previous edition. In this edition, Drewery & Claiborne are joined by co-authors who are internationally recognised scholars and researchers in Human Development–which enhances the content by including current and culturally relevant material.

It also provides more emphasis on NZ/Maori/Pasifika content and is able to ensure solid conceptual foundation through discussions and interesting contemporary examples. Throughout the book, students will find What do YOU think? activities that encourages students to think about and apply concepts they are learning to their own lives, allowing them to engage with core concepts on a deeper and personal level.Within each chapter features Tutorial suggestions that provide activities and discussion topics designed to promote critical thinking and teamwork skills. They can also be utilised by instructors in tutorials or by students outside the classroom.

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