James & Wells Intellectual Property Law in New Zealand (3rd Edition)

James & Wells Intellectual Property Law in New Zealand (3rd Edition)
Duncan Laing, Ian Finch
NZ$ 212.95
NZ$ 189.95
University of Canterbury
Published 28/04/2017
Edition Info 9780947486716 - 3rd Edition
Published In New Zealand
Publisher Thomson Reuters
Blurb This new title is the only whole treatment of intellectual property that incorporates the Patents Act 2013 James & Wells Intellectual Property Law in New Zealand is an, authoritative, highly accessible legal work covering all aspects of intellectual property law and practice in New Zealand – from Patent, Trade Mark and Copyright Law through to Border Protection, Passing Off and Domain Names. It offers a detailed analysis of the relevant legislation and case law as well as practical advice to the lawyer and IP manager. The principle-based approach makes the book suitable for use in tertiary education.

The new edition carefully brings existing content up to date and importantly ensures practitioners have access to a current hardcopy analysis of Patents Act 2013 which came into force in September 2014 and replaced the Patents Act 1953, and the subsequent Patents Regulations 2014.

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