Law of Contract in New Zealand (5th Edition)

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Law of Contract in New Zealand (5th Edition)
John Burrows, Jeremy Finn, Stephen Todd
NZ$ 170.00
NZ$ 165.00
University of Canterbury
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Published 15/12/2015
Format Paperback
Edition Info 5th Edition
ISBN13 9781927248973
Published In New Zealand
Imprint LexisNexis New Zealand
Publisher LexisNexis New Zealand
Size (mm) h x w x d

Law of Contact in New Zealand, written by the trio of highly regarded and respected authors, John Burrows QC FRSNZ, Jeremy Finn and Stephen Todd, provides definitive coverage of the law of contract in New Zealand. The comprehensiveness, depth of analysis and coverage and clarity of the discussion ensures that this is the first point of reference for the legal practitioner, law student and all those interested in this important field of law. This new edition includes many new and significant cases and all relevant statutory developments. It builds on the exemplary standards set by previous editions. The new material includes, in particular: the making of contracts through electronic communications; recent amendments to the Fair Trading Act, including statutory control over unfair contract terms; new case law on estoppel, cancellation for breach, rectification and frustration; expanded discussion of the Belize case and the relationship between interpretation and implied terms; revised chapters on conditional contracts and illegality; tort remedies and privity of contract; assignment of bare rights of action; assignment and novation in light of the Savvy decision; and the measure of damages for breach of contract. Features * The authoritative text on contract law in New Zealand * Written by a very highly-regarded and respected trio of authors * Provides a detailed commentary on the common law * Analysis and coverage is deep and comprehensive Related Titles Tokeley (ed.), Consumer Law in New Zealand, 2nd ed, 2015 Adams & Drake, Q&A: Contract Law, 3rd ed, 2014 Watts, Campbell & Hare, Company Law in New Zealand, 2nd ed, 2015

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