Mahoney on Evidence: Act & Analysis

Mahoney on Evidence: Act & Analysis
Elisabeth McDonald
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CRJU308, LAWS307
University of Canterbury, Victoria University
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Published 17/08/2018
Format Paperback
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ISBN13 9781988504469
Published In New Zealand
Imprint Thomson Reuters
Publisher Thomson Reuters
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Since its initial publication in 2007, The Evidence Act 2006: Act and Analysis has been the leading and authoritative New Zealand text on the Act. Cited extensively in judicial decisions and academic writing, its section-by-section commentary — with extensive cross-referencing — blends description, analysis and critique in a wide-ranging explanation of the Act, its underlying principles and its individual provisions.

This new and expanded version of the book — now entitled Mahoney on Evidence: Act and Analysis in honour of retired former author Professor Richard Mahoney — continues to build on its reputation as an indispensable resource for academics, practitioners, researchers, policymakers and law students alike. The text provides an updated examination of the Evidence Act and a thorough treatment of noteworthy court decisions (past and present) from the New Zealand Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court. The book also discusses the 2016 amendments to the Act, and the New Zealand Law Commission’s 2018 Issues Paper, released in preparation for the Act’s second 5-year review.

Mahoney on Evidence: Act and Analysis is written by a new and expanded team of New Zealand’s foremost evidence law academics and practitioners. They bring their unique perspectives to this latest volume, which provides an inestimable treatment, both scholarly and practical, of the law of evidence in New Zealand today.

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