Microeconomics: Australia in the Global Environment

Microeconomics: Australia in the Global Environment
Peter Atrill, Eddie McLaney
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University of Canterbury
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Published 23/09/2015
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ISBN13 9781486019625
Published In Australia
Imprint Pearson Education Australia
Publisher Pearson Education Australia
Pages 592
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A practice-oriented learning system with a global perspective.

To help students focus on the most important concepts—and effectively practice the application of those concepts—Microeconomics is structured around a system of checkpoints which teach students how to think like an economist. Eye On boxes throughout each chapter challenge students to apply theory to important issues and problems that shape our global society and individual decisions.

The result is a patient, confidence-building program that prepares students to use economics in their everyday lives, regardless of what their future career will be.


9781292062815 - 9th Edition, Published 8/12/2014

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