Mind on Statistics: Australian & New Zealand (2nd Edition)

Mind on Statistics: Australian & New Zealand (2nd Edition)
Helen MacGillivray
STAT101, DIGI103, DATA401, STAT101SU
University of Canterbury
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Published 21/08/2013
Edition Info 2nd Edition - 9780170227810
Published In Australia
Publisher Cengage Learning Inc
Pages 672
Blurb This text is adapted from Jessica Utts and Robert Heckard's best-selling general introductory statistics text, Mind on Statistics. It emphasises the conceptual development of statistical ideas and seeks to find meaning in data. This local adaptation retains the conversational approach of the original text, with real examples and case studies of appeal and interest to Australian and New Zealand students. The revised structure and relevant examples motivate students and guide them through the statistical process of tackling problems, planning and data collection, analysing and interpreting information and finding solutions.