New Zealand Law: Foundations and Method (2nd Edition) and Principles of Legal Method (3rd Edition)

New Zealand Law: Foundations and Method (2nd Edition) and Principles of Legal Method (3rd Edition)
Stephen Penk / Richard Scragg - Book Bundle contains both 9780947486839 & 9781988553221
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Published 16/12/2014 1/12/2016
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Edition Info 2nd Edition 3rd Edition
ISBN13 9781988553221 9780947486839
Published In New Zealand New Zealand
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This is the third edition of Richard Scragg’s classic text The Principles of Legal Method in New Zealand.

The book is an essential learning tool for students who need to master the skills required for all courses in legal method taught at tertiary level in New Zealand. It introduces students to the fundamental concepts of legal method, and then, step by step, teaches them to work with these concepts in a practical way.

This updated and expanded edition of The Principles of Legal Method in New Zealand starts out with an account of the general principles of the common law system and then provides a chapter by chapter account of: (i) how to understand and interpret substantive law (ie, case law and statute law), (ii) the way in which case law is built into a body of law, and (iii) how to acquire and apply the skills of case analysis, statutory interpretation, and reasoning by analogy.

For this reason The Principles of Legal Method in New Zealand (3rd ed) is a must have for students and teachers of legal method.

More than a conventional textbook, New Zealand Legal Method Handbook is a complete, easy-to-read introduction written with a focus on student learning. It brings the theory to life with plenty of worked examples, questions and answers, and practice exercises throughout the text and is an essential tool for any legal method student. The book contains 22 chapters which introduce and develop the concepts covered in legal method papers, including: the structure of government and the sources of law; case law and the hierarchy of courts; judicial reasoning and the doctrine of precedent; statute law and statutory interpretation; the interaction between case law and statute law; and legal language and legal writing.

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