New Zealand Law Style Guide (3rd Edition)

New Zealand Law Style Guide (3rd Edition)
Alice Coppard, Geoff McLay, Chris Murray, Jonathan Orpin
NZ$ 27.95
NZ$ 24.95
Published 31/07/2018
Edition Info 3rd Edition - 9781988553153
Published In New Zealand
Publisher Thomson Reuters
Blurb The New Zealand Law Style Guide provides an authoritative and unified framework of styles used by New Zealand’s courts, law schools, legal practitioners and legal publishers.

The first edition, published in 2009, quickly became the standard for the citation of New Zealand legal material. The second edition built on that in 2013 and now the third edition aims to update and modernise the content by:

- providing new or expanded rules for a range of material not included in the first and second editions;
- clarifying rules, including the position on ibid and "above n x"; and
- taking into account developments in citations since the last edition.
- Some sections have been rewritten and reordered to make them easier to understand.