Politics and the Media (2nd Edition)

Politics and the Media (2nd Edition)
Babak Bahador, Geoff Kemp, Kate McMillan, Chris Rudd
NZ$ 60.00
NZ$ 48.99
COMS205, POLS232
University of Canterbury
Published 22/02/2016
Edition Info 2nd Edition
ISBN13 9781869408473
Published In New Zealand
Imprint Auckland University Press
Publisher Auckland University Press
Pages 360
Size (mm) h230 x w165 x d
Blurb Originally published under the title History of Political Thought, this innovative text provides a broad-ranging thematic introduction to the Western tradition of political thought. It reviews the contributions of a wide range of theorists to the key themes of the ends of politics, the location, exercise and justification for challenging or obeying political authority. The second edition has been revised and updated throughout with more extended coverage of key thinkers and updated coverage of key contemporary debates.

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