Principles of Engineering Thermodynamics (8th Edition)

Principles of Engineering Thermodynamics (8th Edition)
Michael J Moran, Howard N Shapiro, Daisie D Boettner, Margaret B Bailey
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University of Canterbury
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Published 16/01/2015
Edition Info 8th Edition
ISBN13 9781118960882
Published In United Kingdom
Imprint John Wiley & Sons
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 888
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This text continues its tradition of setting the standard for teaching students how to be effective problem solvers. Now in its eighth edition, this market-leading text emphasizes the authors? collective teaching expertise as well as the signature methodologies that have taught entire generations of engineers worldwide.

Integrated throughout the text are real-world applications that emphasize the relevance of thermodynamics principles to some of the most critical problems and issues of today, including a wealth of coverage of topics related to energy and the environment, biomedical/bioengineering, and emerging technologies.

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