Principles of Evidence in Criminal Cases

Principles of Evidence in Criminal Cases
Elisabeth McDonald
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CRJU308, LAWS307
University of Canterbury, Victoria University
Published 1/07/2012
Edition Info  9780864727633
Published In New Zealand
Publisher Thomson Reuters
Blurb Principles of Evidence in Criminal Cases provides a starting point for anyone studying the law of evidence as it applies in criminal proceedings. The primary aim of the book is to explain the reasons why the law controls the admissibility of evidence and the way in which it is controlled. The book's structure is intended to enable readers to quickly grasp the essential principles of the law of criminal evidence. The chapters begin with an explanation of the rationale behind particular rules of criminal evidence, followed by a description of the New Zealand approach to the regulation of such evidence. Principles of Evidence in Criminal Cases also encourages a critical contemporary analysis of the law of criminal evidence. Associate Professor Elisabeth McDonald has a wealth of experience as a teacher of the law of criminal evidence. The book draws on that experience and has been written for a broad audience including law students, who will find it an invaluable aid for exam study, as well as lawyers, Judges, JPS, Community Magistrates, the Police, members of Government Agencies with prosecution and law enforcement powers, and members of the public with an interest in criminal law.The text is designed to complement the Thomson Reuters publications The Evidence Act 2006: Act and Analysis, 2nd edition and the commentary in Adams on Criminal Law.

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