Principles of Real Property Law (3rd Edition)

Principles of Real Property Law (3rd Edition)
Jason Goodall, D W Mcmorland, Jody Foster, Thomas Gibbons, Struan Scott, Peter Twist, Neil Campbell
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Published 30/06/2020
Edition Info 3rd Edition - 9781988546230 (2 Volume Set)
2nd Edition - 9781927183878 - Out of Print
Published In New Zealand
Publisher LexisNexis New Zealand

Principles of Land Law in New Zealand is an abridged, two volume version of the highly regarded property resource, Hinde, McMorland & Sim Land Law in New Zealand. Continuing the reputation of previous editions, Principles of Land Law in New Zealand offers students and practitioners authoritative commentary on the fundamentals of land law.

Since the last edition, previously titled Principles of Real Property Law, there have been significant legislative and case law updates incorporated by the authors in all chapters with particular focus on the adaptation of the text throughout to incorporate the Land Transfer Act 2017.​

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