The Dispossessed

The Dispossessed
Ursula K Le Guin
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Published 12/08/1999
Edition Info
ISBN13 9781857988826
Published In United Kingdom
Imprint Gollancz
Publisher Orion Publishing Co
Pages 336
Size (mm) h198 x w129 x d
Blurb The Principle of Simultaneity is a scientific breakthrough which will revolutionize interstellar civilization by making possible instantaneous communication. It is the life work of Shevek, a brilliant physicist from the arid anarchist world of Anarres. But Shevek's work is being stifled by jealous colleagues, so he travels to Anarres's sister-planet Urras, hoping to find more liberty and tolerance there. But he soon finds himself being used as a pawn in a deadly political game.

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