Law of Insolvency in New Zealand, The

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Law of Insolvency in New Zealand, The
Andrew Simester, Warren Brookbanks
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University of Canterbury
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Published 10/06/2016
Format Paperback
Edition Info  
ISBN13 9780947486136
Published In New Zealand
Imprint Thomson Reuters
Publisher Thomson Reuters
Size (mm) h x w x d

Insolvency law deals with the legal rules applicable in the case of individual persons or corporates who are unable to pay their debts and, as such, intersects with virtually every area of legal practice. The Law of Insolvency in New Zealand is a comprehensive treatise on all aspects of New Zealand's fast developing insolvency law.   The book is divided into four major parts, each dealing with the legislative and case-law framework governing the formal and informal procedures available to different kinds of insolvent individuals.   Part 1 deals with personal insolvency law and includes a full treatment of the statutory scheme of bankruptcy in the Insolvency Act 2006 and its alternatives. Part 2 examines corporate insolvency and the statutory procedures of liquidation, compromises, voluntary administration, receivership and statutory management.  Part 3 looks at the insolvency of other legal entities, such as incorporated societies and limited partnerships, and Part 4 focuses on the increasingly important area of cross-border insolvency.   The Law of Insolvency in New Zealand is written by an author team with many years of experience working and/or researching in the area. Information is presented in a detailed, but straightforward way making it the ideal resource for specialist insolvency practitioners, legal practitioners, judges, academics and students.   The Law of Insolvency in New Zealand is part of the Thomson Reuters Treatise series. The books in this series are authoritative and definitive works of reference on New Zealand law.

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