Treatise of Human Nature (2nd Edition)

Treatise of Human Nature (2nd Edition)
David Hume, L A Selby-Bigge

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Published 9/11/1978
Edition Info 2nd Edition
ISBN13 9780198245889
Published In United Kingdom
Imprint Oxford University Press
Publisher Oxford University Press
Pages 768
Size (mm) h186 x w122 x d
Blurb David Hume's  Treatise of Human Nature,  composed before the author was twenty-eight years old, was published in 1739 and 1740.  In revising the late L.A. Selby-Bigge's edition of Hume's  Treatise  Professor Nidditch corrected verbal errors and took account of Hume's manuscript amendments. He also supplied the text of the  Abstract of the Treatise  following the original 1740 edition and provided an apparatus of variant readings.
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