Vold's Theoretical Criminology (7th Edition)

Vold's Theoretical Criminology (7th Edition)
Thomas J Bernard, Jeffrey B Snipes, Alexander L Gerould, George B Vold
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By Thomas J Bernard, Jeffrey B Snipes, Alexander L Gerould, George B Vold
Published 24/03/2015
Format Hardback
Edition Info  7th Edition
ISBN13 9780199964154
Published In United States
Imprint Oxford University Press
Publisher Oxford University Press
Pages 400
Size (mm) h236 x w150 x d

The standard text in the field, Vold's Theoretical Criminology is universally known by scholars in the discipline. Taking a largely historical approach, it discusses both classic and contemporary theories, presenting historical context and empirical research for each one. The book concludes with a chapter on assessing theories and their policy implications.


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