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Our Librarian's selection of new books we are fundraising for is listed below.

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15 books have been donated and $250 in donations to purchase books has been gratefully
eceived to date.

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    ISBN: ATB0000
    Site: Donation to purchase Library Books for your School
    NZ$ 5.00
  • Adrift
    by Paul Griffin
    ISBN: 9781925240160
    Site: Book Donation to Your School or College
    NZ$ 26.00
    NZ$ 19.50

How the Library Fundraiser Program Works

Our fundraising portal provides the platform for the purchase of books as donations for your school library. 

The books are selected by you, you can define and control exactly which titles you want to fundraise for. There is no limitation on the publishing houses or the type of books, as long as the book is in print and we can secure stock we are happy to include it for you.

We do the loading and set up for you, capture the donations made, then order in the books, consolidate and then supply the books all dispatched out by courier freight free.

By us handling the website platform, process, donations, and collation you are left to focus on simply promoting your fundraiser, get those parents, grandparents, friends, and family to make 1 or 2 simple clicks on those new additions to your collection.

Question and Answers

  • How much does it cost to use the platform?
    There are no fees or charges for utilising our fundraising platform. We load and set up your profile and the books you have chosen for your fundraising program so you can focus solely on promoting your fundraising campaign.

  • What books and what quantities can I select? 
    There is no restriction on the number of titles you may list or the quantities that you want to secure. You can include titles sourced locally in New Zealand or can also include titles that we import directly into New Zealand from overseas.

  • How does pricing work, is there any discount on the books I choose?
    Pricing starts with the NZ RRP or our Import price, we then offer a great discount on all titles. The rate of discount will vary depending on who the publisher is and if the title is locally or internationally sourced. Give us a call and we can outline what you can expect to see discount wise.
  • Can you capture family or business names so we can add a donation plaque?
    Yes, we have an optional field where this information can be supplied when the donation is made. We then provide you with a list of books and plaque details so you can add them into the book.
  • What happens if a book I had in my selection goes out of print after the donation has been made?
    Whilst we hope we can supply all the books, there are times when a book may become unavailable. In this instance, we simply switch out this title for another title of equal or slightly greater value.

  • Who can donate?
    Anyone can donate, our site is publically accessible, hence both individuals and/or businesses can select books and make donations