Essentials of Corporate Finance (4th Edition)

Essentials of Corporate Finance (4th Edition)
Stephen Ross
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University of Otago
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Replaced by 5th Edition
Published 25/08/2016
Edition Info 4th Edition
ISBN13 9781743762936
Published In Australia
Imprint McGraw-Hill Education / Australia
Publisher McGraw-Hill Education / Australia
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Blurb This pack contains the printed textbook and access to Connect. McGraw-Hill Connect is a digital teaching and learning environment that gives you the means to better connect with your coursework with your instructors and with the important concepts that you will need to know for success now and in the future. With Connect you can practise important skills at your own pace and on your schedule. This version of Connect comes with LearnSmart an adaptive study tool proven to strengthen memory recall increase class retention and boost grades. By identifying your strengths and weaknesses you can ensure that every minute you spend studying has the highest possible impact. With users experiencing anaverage of a letter grade improvement adaptive learning is a proven way to increase your success and confidence. Essentials of Corporate Finance 4e provides students with a succinct introduction to the principles and practices of corporate and business finance. This market-leading text adapted by Rowan Trayler and Gerhard Van de Venter retains the accessible and popular Ross style by focusing on key concepts and a range of local and global case studies.The new edition features enhanced content coverage in areas such as company valuation using the weighted average cost of capital and crowdfunding.The comprehensive end-of-chapter content and extensive digital resources help students solve financial problems and apply their learning in real-world scenarios. In addition the integrated solutions to questions have been designed to help improve students' analytical and problem-solving skills.Accessible engaging and concise this is the essential resource for financial majors and non-majors alike.

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