New Zealand Government and Politics (6th Edition)

New Zealand Government and Politics (6th Edition)
Janine Hayward
POLS103, 279203, POLS102
Canterbury, Massey. Otago
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Published 20/05/2015
Edition Info 6th Edition - 9780195585254
Published In New Zealand
Publisher Oxford University Press Australia
Pages 656
Size (mm) h244 x w191 x d

In 2016, Sir Geoffrey Palmer and Andrew Butler proposed and published a written, codified constitution for Aotearoa New Zealand. Since then the authors have travelled the country, discussing with the public the nature of New Zealand’s identity and where the country is headed. After considering their conversations and formal submissions, this second book – with its revised proposal for a codified constitution – is the product of a year in development.

Towards Democratic Renewal reinforces Palmer and Butler’s argument for a robust and democratic framework that will safeguard our political system against future challenges, from climate change to earthquakes, ‘post-truth’ politics and surveillance. This clear, revised constitution defines and entrenches government accountability and transparency, protects the rights of our peoples and tangata whenua, and offers transformative steps to uphold the sovereignty and integrity of Aotearoa New Zealand.

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