Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data (2nd Edition) + WileyPLUS Card Set

Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data (2nd Edition) + WileyPLUS Card Set
Robin H Lock, Patti Frazer Lock, Kari Lock Morgan, Eric F Lock, Dennis F Lock
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Replaced by 3rd Edition
Published 09/07/2019
Edition Info 2nd Edition - 9781119570837 + 9781119570851
Published In United States
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 808
Blurb The second edition of Lock’s Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data continues to utilise these intuitive methods like randomisation and bootstrap intervals to introduce the fundamental idea of statistical inference. These methods are brought to life through authentically relevant examples, enabled through easy to use statistical software, and are accessible at very early stages of a course. The program includes the more traditional methods like t-tests, chi-square texts, etc. but only after students have developed a strong intuitive understanding of inference through randomisation methods. The focus throughout is on data analysis and the primary goal is to enable students to effectively collect data, analyse data, and interpret conclusions drawn from data. The program is driven by real data and real applications.

The second edition has now been updated to include: new and updated exercises, a new section on multiple variables and data visualisation, and the incorporation of online interactive dynamic software that has been enhanced.

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